Singing Rock Figure of Eight




The Figure 8 Belay Device is a piece of metal in the shape of an 8 with one large end and one small end. This device utilities a large surface area in contact with a climbing rope to provide sufficient friction along with proper technique to be used as a belaying device or for rappelling. A figure 8 (sometimes just referred to as an 8) is used in conjunction with a Climbing harness and locking carabiner to keep a climber safe and control their descent or one’s own descent (when rappelling)

This large Singing Rock Figure of Eight is great for smooth descents and dynamic belay. Allows a wide range of rope diameters with an elliptic shape at the bottom. This Singing Rock Figure of Eight-style descender is an ideal choice because it allows for smooth rope action while descending or belaying. It is light-weight yet strong. Smooth rope movement makes it a great device to use for a rappel, wide enough for double ropes.

One of the lightest figure eights on the market, our Standard Singing Rock Figure of Eight offers a smooth rappel with minimal impact on the rope. The secret to rappelling on figure eight without twisting the rope is to always feed the rope from directly below-never hold the rope off to the side or at an angle.

  • designed for ropes of bigger diameters
  • a wide range of rope diameters (8.5 – 13 mm)
  • provides silky smooth rappel 
  • effectively dissipates heat


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