Karrimor Down Sleeping Bag




A good Down Sleeping Bag makes all the difference in your camping comfort level. If you have ever woken up shivering in the middle of the night or so hot that you feel like you pitched your tent in a bed of molten lava you know what I mean. Sleeping bags should be cozy like the best Karrimor Down Sleeping Bag you’ve ever had, but breathable so it doesn’t feel like that person who keeps spooning long after it’s time to roll over and fall asleep. You want to be kept warm but nobody likes to feel smothered in their sleep. Sleeping bags work by trapping a layer of air. Your body then heats this air and the bag protects it from the colder outside air and ground. The less of this trapped air there is to heat, the warmer you will be. But a roomier bag is going to be more comfortable. Some people prefer synthetic insulation to duck down insulation because it dries quicker, insulates even if it’s wet, it’s less expensive and non-allergenic. duck down is more durable and compressible but it does come with a higher price tag.


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