Shanlu Crampon


Suitable for use on smooth ice and snow roads and low altitude glaciers below 2000 meters below sea ​​level.

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New low-altitude walking Shanlu Crampon tooth cramp

Suitable for use on smooth ice and snow roads and low altitude glaciers below 2000 meters below sea ​​level

Crash cut for ice climbing and elevations above 2000 meters

This crampon is suitable for walking at a certain altitude (below 2000 meters) and can be used as spare crampons. (Already there is ALICE using this crampon to Yuzhu Peak, but we think that this crampon is not suitable for use under high altitude conditions)

Overall cramp temperature range: -25° – -50°

In 2014, the latest low-altitude walking crampons made a breakthrough improvement on the adjustment bar, and the stress design was more reasonable. The original 2011 crampons adjustment bar was a chute design. The stress design was not suitable for walking on steep slopes. It was only suitable for walking on gentle slopes and walking on steep slopes. In high-intensity walking, loose screws, crampons fall off, and the safety is not high enough. The new crampons are adjusted on the adjustment bar using progressive screw holes, and the stress is designed to be safer when walking on ice slopes and snow slopes.

Crampons Material: High-Density Manganese Steel

Claw teeth: 10 teeth

Claw Accessories: Hex Wrench (Used when adjusting the size)

Claw weight: 720G

Process characteristics: The new low-altitude walking cramp adopts high-density manganese steel. After strict vacuum heat treatment and tempering process, it shows high hardness and good toughness in practice. With this material, the crampons are improved outdoors. Complex geography, climate, and environmental quality and life.


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